Get rewarded from the CO2 absorption of your future tree.

CarbonSeeds aims to reduce global greenhouse emissions by creating and investing in sustainable reforestation programs.



Own a tree

You can buy an NFT that represents a tree quantity.


Seed in planted

The trees are planted by our partners, world wide.


Collect Token Carbon Credit

CO2 absorbed by trees will be measured and verified to become exchangeable Carbon Credit.


Reward nature holder

Carbons credit are retired from the market by locked-in on the blockchain to be redistributed or can be sold on our website.

Use the Solana blockchain technology to keep track and share with all the stakeholders the current view of the project at every moment.


Profits generated from the C02 absorption will be distributed to the NFT holders in our coin. The amount eligible will be calculated* based on the amount of CO2 a tree has absorbed a year.

*Calculated proportionally based on the tree growth curve (its age) and the holden quantity.

chartAnnual growth of a tree over time.

Market outlook

The Voluntary Carbon Credit size is valued at 1$ billion. Volume of VC has grown over X5 in the last 5 years.

European Union ETS futures contract.


Q2 - 2022

  • Launch the seeds NFT collection discounted price
  • Start plantation
  • Start verification process

Q3 - 2022

  • Launch the tree NFT collectible non-limited supply
  • Verify and plant continuously

Q4 - 2022

  • Expand to new countries and more partnerships
  • Development of a bridge to tokenize carbon credits

S1 - 2023

  • Creation of our TCO2 backed token
  • Creation of our utility token for rewards

S2 - 2023

  • Launch a staking service to increase yield
  • Launch an algae NFT non-limited supply

We believe in sustainable value creation by being the most transparent as possible. Our current measures are partnerships with certified organizations to audit and verify our work.

Carbon Trade Exchange
International Carbon Registry
Gone West


What is the mint price?

Where do we plant?

How is verified the CO2 absorption?